Solving Misinformation through Journalism

With Steven Brill, Co-founder and Co-CEO, NewsGuard

Misinformation is not new, but the internet has helped scale its reach now more than ever. In today’s episode, I’m joined by journalist Steven Brill, who is also the Co-founder and Co-CEO, NewsGuard, Inc, a tool that provides detailed trust ratings for 6,000+ news websites.

I’m excited to be joined by Steve as he’s a true expert when it comes to hoax sites and knowing what platforms like Facebook need to do to be held accountable. Join our discussion as we discuss transparency, the tell-tale signs of hoax sights, the spread of misinformation in US vs Europe, and what he’s learned at NewsGuard.

Steve is also the Founder of Court TV, The American Lawyer Magazine, American Lawyer Media, Brill’s Content Magazine, Journalism Online, and The Yale Journalism Initiative.

Let’s build the trusted web together!

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