Trusted Web

Building the Trusted Web, together

Through timestamps, we make truth part of the internet’s DNA. Transparency & accountability for the content you create, rely on or advertise with.


Organizations from all industries and sizes do Timestamp yet.


Pageviews served with Timestamp Certificates.


Articles from quality outlets and webshops timestamped in 2020.

Learn about the Trusted Web Timestamp Ecosystem and the role of every stakeholder.


A truthful internet makes a trustworthy society. Through timestamps on the content I rely on, we fix the internet and therefore society. Action!

Publishers / blogs

Add transparency and take accountability for your valuable content. You, literally, change the world with your website.

Search engines & social media

Transparent content by a sender who takes accountability contributes to its quality. Rewarding a higher quality search result matters.


A truthful internet makes a trustworthy society, through directives, as ‘Trusted Web’ is an obvious follow-up of GDPR.

e-Commerce & marketplaces

Bring unprecedented transparency throughout the whole information trail in any form of digital commerce. For webshops, shop-in-shops, and marketplaces. From product information to reviews, from orders to terms & conditions.

Advertising / media buying

We make Brand Safety part of the internet’s DNA through demanding timestamps for your ad’s context.