Trusted Web

To save the world, we need to fix the internet. Through timestamping, the internet becomes The Trusted Web, which results in a better society for every human on earth; today and for future generations.

The Trusted Web Foundation educates, empowers, and accelerates all stakeholders of the internet to land a vision and operationalize timestamping; from consumers to governments, from publishers to policymaker, and from e-commerce platforms to advertisers and media buyers.

Together, through timestamps, we’ll make trust part of the internet’s DNA.

Sebastiaan van der Lans

Frank van Dalen
Policy Chair

To be announced:

  • Tech Chair
  • Publishing Chair
  • Media Chair
  • Commerce Chair
  • Secretary & Treasurer

Become a Member of the Trusted Web Foundation

To support awareness around the Trusted Web, there are sponsoring opportunities.

Sponsorship packages range from € 5.000 to € 250.000 a year and can be done as a one-off for specific projects.

Let’s build the Trusted Web, together.