Disinformation Across Cultures

with Costanza Sciubba Caniglia, Subject-Matter Expert at Wikimedia

Today’s guest comes with a really broad perspective. Costanza Sciubba Caniglia is currently a subject-matter expert at Wikimedia, and is a journalist and researcher in political analysis and communications for government and international organizations. I bring Constanza on the show to learn more about the cultural differences with disinformation.

Constanza is Director of Communications for data.org, a platform for partnerships to build the field of data science for social impact. Costanza is also affiliated with the Shorenstein Center for Media Politics, and Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, where she co-founded the HKS Misinformation Review. Her research focuses on state-sponsored coordinated information operations and propaganda.

Listen to the conversation as we uncover the changes we expect to see this year from the EU’s new disinformation legislation, as well as tracking networks of information, studying misinformation (or ‘manipulation’) cycles, the role of anonymity – and some surprising lessons learned from her research so far.

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