Combatting Information Warfare

with Molly McKew, Lead Writer at Great Power

“The Internet can be an overwhelming place”, as today’s guest Molly McKew simply highlights. Molly has spent years working in Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and the Baltic states, including as an advisor to the Georgian President and National Security Council and the former Moldovan prime minister, and as the strategic director of a project to strengthen independent Russian language news and media in the Baltic states. With her expertise in understanding information warfare, I had to bring Molly on to the show to learn more.

Her articles have appeared in Politico, the Washington Post, Wired, Lawfare, and many more. She is also currently a senior advisor on disinformation to Stand Up Republic Foundation, where she is the lead author of the Defusing Disinfo blog.

Join us as we explore radical conspiracies, the impact of living in separate realities, the implications of freedom of reach, and why we need to keep on learning from other countries to move forward.

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