Dear citizen of planet earth, 

Even though the internet has brought us many good things, it has a deep-rooted issue: trust. Quite obvious, as trust wasn’t part of the internet’s design. The internet was built to connect computers to computers. And computers do not dream; do not care about power or self-enrichment, as they have no ego. Humans do. And therefore, we now suffer Fraud, Manipulation, and Theft on a daily basis.

Because of these obnoxious human behaviors, search engines, social media, and the internet as a whole are no longer safe and trustworthy. A better, trustworthy internet is what we need. What we deserve. 

Trust must be part of the internet’s DNA. And trust arises from transparency and accountability. Simply said: if information impacts your life, you deserve transparency and a sender who takes accountability.

Our mission is to make trust part of the internet’s DNA with timestamps. As a result:

  • What I read is real, and I can verify who wrote it;
  • What I create is mine, and I have proof;
  • And in disputes, I have leverage; I am protected.

This should be the case for news, social media, e-commerce, and every other corner of the internet. And timestamping does exactly that. It is a simple, inclusive solution to make transparency and accountability a default on the Internet, instead of an after-thought.

From now on, the internet is about connecting people to people. Together, through timestamps, we’ll change the DNA of the internet for the better, so that it will become a safe, trustworthy place for all.

The internet becomes The Trusted Web.

For every human on earth; today and for future generations.

Let’s Build The Trusted Web, Together.